How can I get home?? :/

Hej hej guys !!!! Are you ready to come to Gothenburg this fall!!!??? I hope you are!!

Gothenburg is a lovely city. You should not miss the opportunity to study here 🙂 !! You already have some tips on how to look for accommodation, which is, I would say,the hardest part. Also, you have a post about how to fit in with the Swedes; maybe I will try to help you more about that later ;).  Anyway, you know what else is important when you  are new in the city? Transportation!!! definitely!!!

I am the person with the less geographical orientation ever !!!!  I can still get lost in the little town I grew up and I have to confess I cannot give directions to a stranger in the street after 20 years of living there. So, of course I was scared about this topic before moving here. I thought I would be lost every day and since the first day!


However, when I first arrived to Gothenburg. The very first thing I got to love about the city was TRANSPORTATION! It is so clear, on time and it goes everywhere! They have a map with the routes and a list of the stops the tram/bus will make. Either you check this paper at the stop or download the application on your phone. I assure you,  you will not get lost. Believe me! if someone like me did not, you will be fine 🙂!/en/travel-information/9/ 

I basically use the trams. They are identify by numbers and colors. They also change their name depending on the direction they are going, so you dont get confused 😉 Besides, you can also opt for the bus. Either you take the tram or the bus, they are both very clean and comfortable. Almost never are they too crowd, which by the way, never happens in my country; where we travel like in a tuna can sometimes.


In the street! All the streets are well marked, but to find the right one is the trick. The secret is: Ask people in the street! They are super nice and will help you for sure! If you do not manage Swedish pronunciation like me, show them the name on your phone or a paper 🙂

OK, then! First thing you do when arriving to Gothenburg is to head to this office: Vastraffik and ask for the transportation card. This card you can get for 1, 3 or 6 months. It depends of where in the city you live, maybe you would like to try the 1 month card first. If you live close to the city you are not going to need it that much. Also it gets cheaper if you buy it for longer time. You can get this card in 7/11 and Prebyrån as well.  People here use a lot the bicycle and in summer, walking around is a nice option.


Now that you have your transportation card. Guess what? you can go anywhere inside Gothenburg, including the islands in the archipelago! Yes , yes, with your card you can take tram 11 to Saltholmen and also any of the ferries to the different and beautiful islands of Gothenburg.


Everything is very close in Gothenburg, so you will never spend more than 30 min in the tram or bus. This amount of time is only if you have to literally cross the city! What else can I tell you about how to move in the city? Well, I will recommend you to get a bike because as I told you before everything is close by. We had a nice ride to the beach down in Frolunda some weeks ago:) So is a better opportunity to explore the city than if you sit in the bus.


There are plenty of ways to move in this city. I hope you will enjoy them and that I will meet you in one of them next semester 🙂 !!!!

Vi ses snart,

Naza 😀

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