Dancing the winter away – Valborg in Göteborg


There is already a post about Valborg in Lund, I am going to tell you how we exchange students from the Fridhemsgatan-residence spent Valborg (last day in April) in Göteborg. 🙂

In the afternoon we started with a picnic and BBQ in Slottskogen, where already plenty of other people were, who had the same plan.

After that we went to Chalmers to see the famous and very popular Chalmers students’ Valborg parade. Firstly – I have to say – I didn’t expect there to be so many people and secondly that there will be so cool and creative wagons. They were really amazing and funny! You could see – even on two wagons – a male Miley coming in like a wrecking ball, a self-made toilette vehicle, the Minions and a T-Rex.

I was especially amazed about the creative vehicles and inventions that were built for this parade such as a driving couch, a car (which was powered by two people on a gigantic hamster wheel), a bicycle pyramid and so on. (Good work, you crazy engineers 😉 )

Then we returned to Slottskogen to wait for the big bonfire, which was set on fire at around 9 o’clock. It was quite cold at this time already, so we were happy to warm up finally.

When we came home to our residence we made a spontaneous kitchen party, which turned out to be one of our bests. (Thank you my lovely Fridhemguys!)

All in all we can say that we did our best to dance the winter away and celebrate the beginning of spring – Valborg. 🙂

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IMG-20140509-WA0009 20140430_211854




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