Happy Valborg!

Start of this week felt somehow a bit more harder than usual: Valborg in Lund, 1st of May celebrations and the beautiful weather during whole weekend definitely made it all feel like the summer holidays were fully on.

Valborg is a Swedish thing they celebrate day before the 1st of May, accompanied by parades, celebrations and casual day drinking.

Apparently, ‘the thing to do’ for students in Sweden is to go to Lund where the biggest Valborg celebration takes place in a local park.
Even though Lund is a relatively small town, it is well known thanks to Lund University and its reputation of being the city belonging to students. And during Valborg, it is more true than ever!

We were staying with my lovely friend Manuela and her Swedish boyfriend Phillip’s family who invited us to stay in their house in Helsinborg, town in the south of Sweden close to Lund.
We took the bus from Gothenburg on Tuesday evening, filled pretty much with just young people traveling to Lund. We had a lovely dinner with Phillip and his family, enjoyed the spectacular sunset that apparently happens only in the South and had a good night sleep to get ready for what was described as a Valborg drinking madness.

IMG_2905 IMG_2837

Valborg day started at 6 am when we had to wake up in order to take an early train to Lund to attend breakfast at our friend’s place at 7 am: buns, muffins and a cider. It felt a bit strange, but the point of Valborg is to start as early as possible to secure yourself a nice spot in the park where it all happens.


10345559_10152069014765334_3041025126239608635_n 2

We arrived to the big park around 9 am and it was already filled with students from all around the Sweden: everyone was hanging out enjoying picnic, beers, wine boxes and loads of music and DJs around, creating this happy atmosphere of a summer festival. 


Our day was quite fun, filled with chilling in the sun with some wine, dancing and hanging around the park. 


The day passed very fast and by 8 pm we were all very exhausted from the sun and all the wine. The tradition is usually to continue till early morning and to go out in Lund or other cities around. However, if you start drinking at 7 in the morning, all you want to do by the end of the evening is have fries and pass out in the nearest bed. 


Overall, I would say Valborg in Lund is a good experience that everyone should try – even though the memories you will have left might be kind of blurry 😉

Puss och kram,



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