Feeling homesick?

You dont know what homesickness is until you have an ocean between you and your lovely home country. There are days where you can miss even the things you used to hate. So, how to overcome those long and depressing days is a matter of will. You have two choices: Stay in your room, thinking about how great would it be to be home and miss everything or go out and enjoy the new experience you are having the chance to live.

It is your choice!
              It is your choice!

It does not make sense to spend the short time you have in Gothenburg being sad about what you had back home. I can assure you than when you go back home you will miss what you have in here. So today guys I want to share with you some tips to overcome these ugly days of homesickness. We gotta have a strategy because it is all about our natural physiology but we can fight it back by fooling our brain 😉 .

Do you know that when you laugh you release endorphins that automatically make your body feel better? So when you feel down, just try to laugh, even when it is a fake laugh it will release the magical hormones of happiness. Watch a funny video or meet that friend who makes you laugh like nobody else. Fool your brain to make you feel better!

Smile Smile :D !!! and feel better!!
Smile Smile 😀 !!! and feel better!!

I know that homesickness can make you be depress and hard to leave your room. Anyways you should fight it back and do small things that improve your mood. Meet someone you like to hang out with or eat something that make you happy! In my case I like to eat food from my country it makes me feel home. Or hang out with a lovely friend and have ice cream around the city. Enjoy the small things that you like is always important. You do not have to do something big to improve your mood, you only need to find the details that make you smile.

She always makes me smile! :D
She always makes me smile! 😀

I don t like to call home when I miss it because it makes me miss it more but I know that it helps some people. For example, I don t call my mom but I call my best friend. We always have a good time over the phone, so when I hang up my day is already better than before. Call that person that can improve the way you feel. Exercise is also a good way to release hormones that make your body feel more relaxed and peaceful. Do not doubt to take a long and thoughtful walk, enjoy the wind, the nature, the silence all by yourself. Be happy just because you have the chance to enjoy such a beautiful place.

If your homesickness is way too much, just combine all of the above. One of my friends said when she feels homesick she has a “tropical day” and so do I 😉 . So you can have a day honoring everything you like from your country, feeling like you are there. Put on the clothes you like, eat your favorite food, go to the tropical plants in botaniska, hear latin music, speak your language… That s what we do and let me tell you something… it works 🙂 !!!

Why not? share your country with your friends :)
Why not? share your country with your         friends 🙂

My advice is: Do not waste your time here being sad about your home because you will regret it. Live what you have now. There will be time to enjoy your home and everything you know in the future again. Life is too short to be sad, is too short to spend it crying about something you cannot have. So you should forget about what you cannot change and enjoy what it is in front of you right now!

Vi ses snart,

Naza 😀


Don't forget to smile! :*
Don’t forget to smile! :*

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