Islands of Gothenburg

Last weekend, me and my flatmates decided to spend some quality time together outside the house…even though we live together, due to everyone’s different schedules and routines we hardly ever have time reserved just for “us time”. So we decided to fix this by getting out of the house, grabbing the tram 11 and visiting the Archipelago islands.


It is almost a weekend cliché of every international student: run to the islands the moment sun is out. But, it is well justified: islands are absolutely beautiful and reachable with a lovely boat journey that is part of the city public transport. They will make you feel like you are on a summer holiday, somewhere far away from the city.
One of my favorite thing is to call my parents when I’m on the islands; just so they can ask me what am I up to and I can reply: “You know, I’m just casually chilling on the beach, watching the ocean passing by.” 🙂 


I think the most popular islands are Vrångö and Styrsö, with around 1000 inhabitants each, beaches, nice walks paths and little cafés to visit.
We decided to explore something new this time and opted for the smallest island of them all: Köpstadsö. It is a little island, located only 15 minutes from Saltholmen with around 100 inhabitants. 

IMG_2541 IMG_2543

We took a little walk around the island and found a nice cliff to chill for the rest of the day: with some picnic, tanning and boat watching. 

IMG_2531 IMG_2518 IMG_2510
Puss och kram,
Lucia 🙂

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