The Ultimate Afterwork Guide

Afterwork is definitely one of my favorite Swedish concepts that we turned into our own little tradition with my International friends. The principle is very simple: Afterwork is drink(s) & food with your colleagues/ classmates/ friends after the work is finished on Fridays (you can see where the name is coming from right :). However the best part of it? Drinks are usually happy hour priced and the food is all you can eat buffet, all included in the price of the drink…quite obvious why we students love it so much!

So to make sure you do the right choice next Friday afternoon, here comes my top 5 Afterwok places. The price is almost the same for all of the places: around 40 kronor for a beer and the afterwork buffet! My ultimate survival advice would be: get there early, around the opening time. Otherwise, afterwork can get very crowded when it becomes impossible to get a table and you have to queue for the food. 

1.Le Pain Francais


Location: Avenyn (Valand), starts at 16:00
Food: French baguettes, cold salads & pasta, chicken wings, nachos, french pastry and desserts
Crowd: Mainly Swedish young professionals mixed with some Internationals and students.
This is definitely my number one place. The interior is stunning: you can choose from comfy designer sofas and chandeliers, cosy armchairs and fireplaces or closed rooftop terrace. The food is one of the best on Avenyn, including desserts as well…I was pretty much sold from the moment I walked in.
In the cold months, you are required to use the cloak room to leave your coat and backpacks there, which is additional 20 kronor.

2.Hard Rock cafe


Location: Avenyn (Valand), starts at 17:00
Food: Salmon, Ribs, two sides, salad, nachos
Crowd: The afterwork area is not very big so it kind of depends on what time you get there.
The happy hour starts at 16:00, so it is good to get there a bit earlier to get a table. The afterwork space is kind of small but the food is the best afterwork buffet I have tried so far, so definitely worth it!


Location: Avenyn (Valand), starts at 16:00
Food: cold salad buffet & warm buffet with pasta, curry and some sort of meat (changes every now and then)
Crowd: International & Erasmus. BaBar is a very chilled place, it is originally sport bar with a kind of wanna be glam interior…so sometimes you might be a bit confused about what was going on in the interior designer’s head. You will hear hardly any Swedish, as the afterwork crowd is mostly Erasmus and International people…we go here sometimes as you know you will always meet someone you know in there:)

4. Yaki-Da

Location: Avenyn (Valand), starts around 17:00
Food: the concept is very simple – half price at the bar and free pizza!
Crowd: Mainly Swedish and young professionals.
The location is very nice as it is on a closed outside terrace with very nice vibe. The atmosphere is a bit posh though and gives you this feeling that everyone is just blond and beautiful (but you do get that feeling quite often in Sweden after all:). Also, they have 23 age policy so they can get sometimes a bit funny if you are under 23 and have a foreign ID.

5. La Cucaracha


Location: Olivedalsgatan, starts at 16:00
Food: Spanish cuisine mixed with Swedish so expect paella, meatballs, pasta and salad
Crowd: half local professionals, half International students. Cucarcha is a nice place, even though the atmosphere is not anything extraordinary. However, they do nice food & wine and it is good to try some places that are outside Avenyn (as you get a different type of crowd and is usually less packed)!

Puss och kram,

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Afterwork Guide

  1. Thank you for your comment Jasmin! Fingers crossed you will get your place on erasmus! 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! We don’t have lots of afterwork-offers in Innsbruck. But as I have applied for my Erasmus in Gothenburg, I am very excited to get to know your folk’s habits 🙂
    Greets from Austria,

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