Glad påsk!

translation in English: Happy Easter!

I think Easter in Gothenburg this year was even better than Christmas (and they do go a bit over the top with Christmas:). The weather was absolutely amazing – apparently we got what they consider as the Swedish summer a bit earlier! Plus, Easter is another great excuse to eat endless portions of chocolate eggs, haring and smoked salmon…I mean what is not to love.

We decided to take the most out of the sunshine and planned a little picnic by the lake Delsjön, not far away from Korsvagen. And there, we discovered a whole new side of Gothenburg: BBQ, picnics, everyone in bikini catching the first rays of sun, some even swimming in the lake and the beautiful Swedish nature everywhere…Making us all forget about the university work for a moment and enjoy the holidays. And all it took was 5 minutes ride with the tram 5 and a little walk through the forest (did I mention they’ve got horses over there?)


We tried the water (still a bit too cold for us from the continent), had a nice picnic, walked around the forests around and just enjoyed our life in Sweden!

10258057_10152359355930140_6844174697664806365_n 10252064_10152359357465140_1051012878219238609_n

And thanks to my friend Dani, I also have some nice pictures catching the atmosphere to share with you:)  

10265321_10152359356890140_5153702493974515518_o lake 10250262_10152359356600140_3044647808289767537_n

And to catch the sunset, I joined my friend Malin on the rooftop terrace of her student building (SGS treats its residents well:) for some Easter eggs and dinner consisting of smoked salmon, haring, eggs and potatoes with sour cream. Delicious! 


This was my first time celebrating Easter outside my home, and so far, I think I can have Swedish Pask everyday!

Puss och kram!

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