Art in the harbour

This weekend was an open day in Roda Sten: an area for modern art in Gothenburg in the harbour in Majorna. It is a beautiful seaside area with that old industrial feeling, artists’ studios, gallery and loads of cafes.


Even though it was rather windy next to the sea, we still had a very nice time, walking around various ateliers, the main exhibition (that was inside thankfully) and admiring  beautiful industrial building.


To warm ourselves up, we stopped in the cafe that is situated inside a little boat in the main harbor. The cafe itself was quite nice but due to the wind, the boat was moving a lot, sometimes making us feeling a bit sick. The food itself was not great either – coffee was ok with unlimited refills, but all the cakes were half frozen and didn’t taste that nice. Which was quite a pity because I really liked the idea of a boat cafe. 


We wrapped up the day by going to Pustervik and listening to some local bands playing, each for 15 minutes. The concert itself was dedicated to one of the band members who died earlier this year so the atmosphere was quite emotional yet somehow beautiful. 

How to get to Roda Sten:
Röda Sten konsthall
Röda Sten 1
414 51 Göteborg
trams 9 or 3 – stop Jaegerdorffsplatsen

Puss och kram,

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