8 Things I missed about Gothenburg

Few days ago, I came back from a week trip back home. It was amazing to see all my family and friends again, waking up knowing there will be milk in the fridge and not having to think in English for a while. However, as I was walking down the streets where I grew up, I realised that there were a lot of things that I was starting to miss. And, of course, all Gothenburg related.

1. My flatmates

I have to admit I have been very very lucky for finding and moving in with Hanna and Olartia. Very soon, they have become my Swedish family that knows me more than anyone else. After living together for almost 6 months, our lives have become pretty much synchronized and we are very used to each other’s presence and company. Back home, my mornings were suddenly unusually quiet without Olartia’s “pero bueno!”, Hanna’s morning face making endless cups of ecological coffee and Swedish radio/casual Spanish male artist playing in the background.

2. HDK – my university
I never thought I would say so, but I actually really missed my uni. There is just something very magical about that building that made me miss its atmosphere. As we spend A LOT of time in there, it has become more than just a classroom where you go for couple of hours and leave. By now, for me it is something between office, cafe where I get my daily sugar fix, random art gallery, lunch spot with my classmates and a place where I have a dialogue with my tutors. Yes, we do have lectures there every now and then, but it is all very informal and more of a ‘let’s discuss this topic over a cup of coffee’ kind of thing.

3. My classmates

And speaking of uni, of course they come with it. It is only 20 of us, we have our own studio where we constantly work together on group projects, have lunches and just generally hang out and talk about life. It is usually 5 days a week so one gets pretty used to seeing them everyday.

4. Afterwork catch-up

It is a lovely Swedish thing that we turned into a tradition with my ‘International family’. We were put together in the same buddy group at the beginning of the year and we kind of sticked together ever since (apart from some members who left us as they returned back to their home countries…sad part of having exchange friends living on the other side of the world). As we all have different degrees and things to do in life in general, Friday after work is the time when we can all meet again to catch up with everyone’s gossips and celebrate the fact that it’s Friday.

5. Swedish food
Living with Hanna, cooking and eating like a Swede has become part of my daily routine. Coming back home, I was very confused where was my crispy bread, weekly fish dish, licorice sweets and of course, where was my Marabou?!

6. Fysiken
I think none of my friends would ever imagine me saying that I miss going to the gym. But the healthy Swedish lifestyle caught me as well and I joined Fysiken in February (after a slight peer-pressure from my classmates….but I am very thankful for that now). And I have to admit, I kind of missed our Body Balance sessions with Flaminia.

7. Fika
Or better say, it is always cake time! In Sweden, you are having cake just because you are having coffee as well. No more reason needed. And you don’t even feel guilty because everyone else is having one as well. Can we please make this a worldwide thing? Tack se mycket.

8. Swedish language
I am still ashamed of the little Swedish I have learnt so far…I know it is largely my fault because I just gave up very quickly (mainly because literally everyone speaks English). However, there is something very calming about being sat in the tram, having people speaking all around you and not being able to understand a word. Same goes with the adverts. It just stops disturbing you and feels kind of good. 


What are your favourite things in Gothenburg??

Puss och kram,

To see more from my little Gothenburg life, you can follow me on Istagram @lusicir

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