Finding a new home!

Hej hej guys!! I know you already have the post from Lucia of how to get accommodation in Gothenburg. However, since I got my place in a completely different way I think it would be nice to share this option with you as well.

I register at SGS of course, and you should do it as soon as you can. Nonetheless, I did not find anything there. I looked for rooms in Which is a platform where people can post when they are renting a room in a private house; which is also a very good option at least for the first months.

So I sent an e mail to these ladies that are working here and they contacted me with a landlord who was interested in renting a room to a Latin girl, Lucky me ;). Well, I even got a discount if I help her with her Spanish. This could be a good option if you want to share with a family or learn more about the culture but also take into account that you will be sharing with older people, usually, not with students.

Nonetheless, most  of my friends are renting private rooms, and none of them have had problems with their landlords. Usually these are people who are use to rent to international students and know how it works. For me it was quite nice, since she taught me how to move around and some nice places in the city. Just for you to know that there are more options out there and should not panic, there is always a way to find something.

You should also follow Lucia´s advices and join the groups on Facebook; since they offer rooms now and then. Another option is to look with someone else. I was contacted by a French student and we try to find an apartment together, which can be also useful. After living 5 months in a private room I contacted SGS by e mail and got a room in a student accommodation.

Very important!!! Remember NOT to pay anything in advance. People in Boplats as well as in SGS have an agreement to ask for the money when you have already seen the room, and you are actually in Gothenburg. So be careful of scams because unfortunately there are a lot of people taking advantage of international students.  Even though you think is your only choice at the moment, do not do it. Just wait and keep on looking you will find the right place for you.

Ok guys these are my advices I hope they help you and that you find something very soon! Remember to start looking as soon as you can, send a lot of e mails and do not quit 😉 !!!

Good luck !!!

Vi ses snart!

Naza 😀

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