Travelling around!

Let´s keep the trend of travelling this week!

Gothenburg is a city with a perfect size! It is not too big that you are overwhelmed in the streets and it is not too small that you will have nothing to do. There is always something to do! Also, it has an excellent location. You can visit the capital of Denmark or Norway in the same travelling time you can visit Stockholm.

So, why do not take advantage of this and travel around to these cities. I did visit Copenhagen for new year s eve and I have to say that I fall in love with the city. It is really beautiful and you will hit every land mark over a weekend there.


Do not forget to visit the famous Mermaid 😉 . Even though I would say is not the most amazing part of the trip but something you must see 🙂 .


If you have the chance, visit the not at all conventional city of Christiania and enjoy their unique way of living. It will be  like travel in time!


Since you are in Sweden, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Capital! Stockholm really  gives you the feeling of a capital but still keeps a very peaceful atmosphere. It is a beautiful city, full of history and stunning buildings and views.


Go and get some good luck from this little guy 😉 !! 

In both capitals you should try to catch the change of guard. It is really interesting and orderly.


Anyway, if you have a long weekend but no money to travel you do not even need to leave the city to have a good time. Take you Vasttrafik card and go to the islands in the archipielago. They are absolutely amazing. Especially now that the sun has come out you should definitely go for a walk there! My favorite so far is Brännö. Such a beautiful place!


Make a barbeque with your friends in one of the parks or lakes. They are usually walk distance or take the tram 😉 !

My favorite part of the city is right beside the river, either close to Järtorget or Brunsparken. So for me, just to sit there and see the shinny water is enough to have a nice afternoon.

So guys, there you go! enough to do for next weekend or easter break 😉 !!  The days are getting longer and brighter, make sure you enjoy them outside !


Vi ses snart!!!!! Naza 😀


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