Perfect spring lunch spot

I think we can all happily agree that spring is finally here, making Gothenburg even more amazing place than ever before. Sometimes, I even think that the dull and dark three months of winter are almost worth it – because when the spring hits, you can definitely feel the whole city awaking. All of sudden, the city is full of people chasing back the lack of vitamin D, spending as much time outside as possible.

And with this amazing atmosphere all around the town, all you want to do is join in, grab a chair in one of the cafes downtown and just watch the world passing by.


After finishing a big project, our class decided to celebrate it by having a nice outside lunch during our first free day in ages. The lunch spot was chosen by few of my classmates who have been around Gothenburg for a while now, so we know we can really trust them to know where to go.

The place of choice was a Spanish Tapas bar/restaurant called El Corazon, located on Kungsportsplatsen, just next to the food hall. In winter, it might seem like a smaller restaurant, but now, they opened their big outside terrace, packed with people.

Even though it is a Spanish place, their lunch menu is more Swedish oriented and a very good deal! We paid 110 kronor that gave us the full lunch offer including unlimited salad & bread, main dish of choice, dessert, coffee and water.


For the main dish, they have different options everyday as well as some Swedish staples (such as meatballs) that are always on the offer. For our lunch date, we opted for some salmon with potatoes and it was very good! Plus it was good to catch up with everyone outside the classroom, without all the stress from the group work and deadlines.


And once you get to the area, do not forget to check the food hall as it offers loads of amazing food from all around the world (this is where I go when I just need something with a taste reminding me of home) as well as taking a little stroll around the canal!

Puss och kram,

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