Happy Waffle day!

After having spent quite a lot of time getting familiar with the Swedish culture, I was initially quite surprise that they have a special day to celebrate something as…erm…well as waffles. But then thinking about it again, Swedes have a very special relationship with sweets/cakes/anything sweet you can have with your coffee:

They have special ‘Saturday candy’ that every child is supposed to get as a treat on Saturday (if you are hard working design student approaching a project deadline, this applies as well, pretty much everyday)

And then again they have a special day to eat the cinnamon bun, a whole month dedicated to Semla bun (more in my previous post)…so actually, I really should not be surprised by the waffle day tradition.

And as it is a day marked in Swedish calendar, our lovely cafe lady in HDK cafeteria brought her waffle maker to the school today and was selling waffles the whole day. Traditionally, with strawberry jam and cream. 


And as it was very sunny today, we decided to change our usual fika spot in our classroom for the sunny benches outside our faculty, in a little street right off the Avenyn, the main street of Gothenburg. Mainly, to get some sunshine and take a break from working in our little offices we build up in our studio in the past weeks whilst working on a group project.

IMG_2339Here is a little sneak peak to our little ‘office’ build in our classroom (the mess is just a part of the creative process of us business designers, of course:) :


Have you managed to get some waffles to celebrate this special day? If not, you can get your waffle fix every weekend in Haga, they serve delicious waffles in many cafes over there. My favorite is cafe Krynglan, where they are preparing them right on the street in a little terrace in front of the cafe. Definitely worth a try!

Puss och kram,

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