Discover the world!

Hej Hej guys!! I hope you have been doing great!

Here is the promised post about  North Sweden. Really!, if you have the opportunity to travel up north, do it! because it is amazing landscapes, nature and a great experience.

I could tell you thousands things about how amazing it is but pictures speak better than words, so I will leave you some of the coolest things we did over there!

First of all, we traveled with a company and, if you do, get the best travelling partner ever, music, books and whatever comes to your mind because there are 23 hours of bus waiting for you! :/ I knoooow!! so loong right? but it is definitely worth it 😉 .

Our first real stop was in Kiruna, the biggest city in the North of Sweden. Which they are actually thinking about moving. Yes! They want to move an entire city. I guess is something that only Sweden will come up to.  It is quite beautiful and we got the chance to see Northen lights, right there in our first night. Northen lights are usually something that you only dream about or watch on TV, soooo to have the opportunity to see them in person is something you should not miss!!

Northen lighst in Kiruna


This was the best shot we could get :/ 

After leaving Kiruna we head straight to the famous  Ice hotel. This place is just stunning. Full of talent and imagination. The Ice hotel is an unique structure and is never the same, every year they will have different rooms, designers and inspiration.

ice hotel

Next stop! Sami Family. Sami people are indigenous Swedish people. They have their own parliament and flag, and basically live from their business with the beautiful and loyal reindeers. They have many interesting stories and believes. We shared some reindeer soup and meat while listening to their way of living, and kept warmed by a fire in one of their traditional tents.

sami tent

Best part of the trip: Dog sled!!! They are the most lovely puppies in the world. Amazing experience.

dog sled

We stayed at Abisko National Park  which is surrounded by wonderful landscapes and history. Just go for a walk and you will discover a new world.


We even had a birthday celebration! at the top of the world 🙂


This is basically the highlights of the trip, you will enjoy way more things and specially the company. I have to tell you that if you are studying in Gothenburg, you should definitely save a week to explore the north of Sweden and discover the wonders that are waiting for you!

I hope you are all done with your finals and good luck with the new courses !!

Vi ses snart!! 

Naza 😀






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