Traveling with GU: travel scholarships and funds

design shanghai


“ Luci, I think you need to sit down,” was the first thing my classmate Monika told me when I picked up the phone, “ because I just opened an envelope. And we got it. We are going to Shanghai.”

I remember like it was yesterday: it was probably the first outside school meeting we had with my class. It was very early September, days were still quite long and all the restaurants had outside terraces when we were having our first after school beer, trying to learn each other’s names and find out more about our background. I was sat in the corner table with Monika and Flaminia chatting about our bachelor, design, boyfriends, travels and life in general. And somehow we all got to the topic of traveling, design weeks and hats (of course). Two days later an email about traveling scholarships for HDK students hit our mailboxes. It was kind of clear that this was happening: we are definitely applying.

Thinking back about it now, it was kind of risky move as we knew each other for approximately two weeks and there we were, planning to spend 10 days traveling together at the other side of the world. But I guess sometimes you meet people and you just know, like we did.
We combined all our skills together and wrote our motivation letter, took pictures and submitted the application the same week. Destination: Design week in Shanghai!
‘ Dream big’ I said when we press the ‘Send’ button. And that is kind of what this scholarship is about.

It’s part of the Adlerbertska Grants and Scholarships Foundation here in GU and it has variety of different scholarships to choose from.
The one we applied for was support for HDK students for travel for fairs, exhibitions, projects etc that could enrich our studies and education.
Thanks to our trip to Design Shanghai, we met hundreds of current designers, actually held in our hands some of the world’s more iconic designs, learnt about new trends, attended many insightful lectures and seminars from the leaders in our field, studied the architecture of one of the most amazing skylines in the world and mainly experienced and understood the Chinese culture and way of thinking.

Regarding our scholarship, we got a bit less money than asked for so at the end it ‘only’ covered our travel expenses to Shanghai and back. However, cost of living was very affordable in China so we somehow managed with our student savings and financial Christmas presents:)

There is a variety of scholarships available to GU students, from travel to accommodation funds so make sure to check them out and be careful to keep an eye on deadlines. The one we applied for had deadline in the middle of September, so very early on at the beginning of the semester. You can find out more useful information here

And more stories from our travels are coming soon!

Good luck!

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