A Night at the Theatre

Hello again!

This week I wanted to write about my visit to the Gothenburg English Studio Theatre, or GEST for short.

Through the university we occasionally get complimentary tickets for previews of small shows which have been brought over to Sweden from the UK. Last week our school newsletter was advertising a highly recommended show which was fresh off of London’s West End. It is called Belongings and we were offered free tickets to go and watch the preview. I must admit I am not much of a theatre goer, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend going to anyone who is new to theatre. I went with 5 friends from Finland, Spain and England so it was quite interesting to see how all of us managed with the very strong english accents the performers were using.  The story is as follows:

”A young female soldier returns from Afghanistan to a home she no longer recognises or connects with. From the deserts of a modern war to the battleground of a family kitchen, she navigates family politics, old relationships, and the memory of betrayal.”



I found the story very interesting and at times quite shocking as I have friends and relatives who are in the forces back home and who have been deployed to these places. It is interesting for me to go to watch this kind of entertainment as it deals with some quite harsh subjects. Although I go and watch live music all of the time, it is always enjoyable as long as the music is good and played well, then you feel you have been entertained. However as much as I thought the play was very good, it dealt with some pretty dark things and I was feeling a bit confused about wether I “enjoyed” it in the conventional sense, when I left the theatre at the end. The actors were all terrific and the story, script and set were very good too. I was just very out of my comfort zone in this environment as it is a very small theatre and to see drama so close up is quite intense. The nearest I have been to this kind of story is watching films at the cinema or on tv, so it was very different actually feeling the tension in the room in the darker moments of the story. In the end I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested to go and watch it. It was only 80 minutes long with no interval, and I believe most performances start at 7pm but it might be worthwhile checking out the theatres website at http://www.gest.se.

OK, well thanks again for reading, and see you next week.


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