Symphony Orchestra Concert

Hello again! This week in Artisten the University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra are preparing our 2nd concert of the year. We are half way through the rehearsal week just now and the orchestra is sounding great! Our concert is on Friday 7th March at 7pm and everyone is very welcome to attend if you are free! The program is as follows…

William Tell Overture – Rossini
Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments – Stravinsky
Symphony No.4 “The Italian” – Mendelssohn

Our conductor this week is the Italian Giancarlo Andretta who is one of the conductors from the Gothenburg Opera. He brings with him a bundle of energy and an equally huge bag of knowledge which he has been sharing with the orchestra since Monday.


The most famous piece in the program is probably the William Tell Overture which was made famous as the theme tune for the TV show The Lone Ranger. It has seen a recent Disney revival with 2013’s film of the same name starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Below is a link to the music with some of the scenes of the movie I found on you tube.

I hope you are able to come on Friday, and if you do, please feel free to say hello! I will be the only one playing the tuba so I am quite easy to spot!

Thanks again for reading!


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