Something is changing!

Hej hej Guys!!! How have you been?? Have you notice that spring is coming ❤ !!!!

I have a few advices for you to enjoy these sunny and shiny days. Sorry guys, I am just too excited to see the sun again. Now I get the feeling of spring and summer and that desperation for winter to be over. If you remember, I am from the tropical and ever warm Costa Rica, so these feelings are completely strange to me. What is spring? I do not even know but I can tell you something! , now I feel it coming  and it makes me smile 😀

It makes me want to go for a walk beside the river, with the company of a good book or a good friend.


The shiny afternoon makes me wish to sit and relax, while I see the seagulls flying around and people walking through the main street.


You know what is great about these days, you can walk for so long that you can find a nice lake in your way :O  and enjoy a great afternoon chatting and exploring with your friends.

in the lake

I am getting tired, aren t you? Let´s go for Fika!


Aaahhhh!!! how relaxing. It is good to enjoy the new bright days that are coming! Sorry if I forgot about the advices I think you got my point 😉 Just put your shoes on and go out to enjoy this beautiful weather! Face the sun and let it warm your face. Close your eyes and feel the breeze  coming from the ocean. Lost yourself in a book while listening to the birds in your window… Make every day count, make it inimitable and worth to remember! Every day is unique and worth to live like it was the last one!

See you soon, I think I will go for a walk 😉


P.D. I forgot to tell you I am going to lapland!! Yeah yeah Kiruna, North Pole I will look for Santa 😉 Wait for a wonderful post of the trip to the north of Sweden! Once in a life opportunity that you get to accomplish while living here :D!!! Wish me luck and see you guys very soon !!!

Naza 🙂

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