Happy Semladay!

The Swedes celebrate “Fettisdagen” (which is the actual name of this day ; ) on the 4th of March. You are supposed to eat the delicious pastry “Semla” on this day. It consists out of pastry, whipped cream and almond paste. In Austria we eat something similar today called  “Faschingskrapfen”, which is a pastry with peach jam in it. In terms of saturation effect the swedish Semla equals four “Faschingskrapfen”. 😉

You can buy Semla already quite a long time before “Fettisdagen” at any shop or cafe. So my today’s Semla was the third Semla in my life and I must say that I can really recommend it to you. (But you should arrange some time for a nap or after-dinner-walk afterwards.)

You can see my friend Lydia and me eating Semlas on the pictures and the video on instagram (http://instagram.com/p/lH91_PKfx-/).

Enjoy your Semla today,

Anna 🙂20140304_142804 20140304_142848 20140304_143003

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