Jag pratar inte Svenska…

Hej hej guys!!  Hur mår du? I really hope that you  all are jättebra!  😀

As you already know, I am doing my master in Molecular Biology at Gothenburg University. Since I moved to Gothenburg I can tell you one thing! I have improved my English but what happened to my Swedish?

If you have ever been in Sweden you might have noticed that, I would say, 99% of people speak english!! which is just amazing!!! buuuuuut if you want to learn Swedish is not that amazing. Since you are not forced to speak the language and Swedes can so easily change to English if there is a communication problem between you and them, is just harder to pick up the language.

Don t freak out, it is not impossible. You will always find a Swede that wants to exchange some language lessons with you 😉 !


Did u guess who is my Swedish friend?

And I have great news. If you are a GU student you can always apply for Swedish lessons… and yeaaah !!! they are for free!!!  I believe that GU has been working on the amount of international students to be able to have classes available to all the international population interested in learning Swedish. The first semester I did not get a spot and the university opened extra groups for all of us who did not have the chance to get  in. Some people also dropped the class and other students joined after the registration, so you should not quit easily ;).

Rivstart book

It is always fun to learn a new language. Learning the native language will always give you a better understanding of behaviors, culture and people in general. In this classes you learn more than Swedish. My teacher was great and very funny. He taught us words that are old fashion and the way young people say them now 😉 cool! isn t he? He explained words with no translation and the context to use them . Also, he did talk to us about Gothenburg history, Swedish customs and traditions.

Depending of your mother language Swedish might be more challenging but it is worth it to learn it. You just  have to be positive and study hard but some day you can change the typical first sentence you learn in Swedish: “Jag pratar inte svenska” for  “Jag älskar att prata svenska”.

SwedeI wish you all the luck!! I will start  the second Swedish course that is given by Gothenburg University. I will leave you the link just here, so you can check it 😉 by yourself! Also, if you are staying longer, like me 😉 you might be interested in checking SFI, which teaches Swedish for internationals and if you have a Swedish person number the courses will also be for free.                                                   


Hej Då!!! Vi ses snart!

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