Awkward moment in Swedish Sport bar: Checked!

I have to admit, I’m not a big sport fan. Actually, until I have recently joined Fysiken in Gothenburg, I managed to very successfully avoid any regular sport activity in my life. However, this all changes when it comes to my country’s national sport: ice hockey. Because we do go crazy for it. Interestingly, the last time we managed to win a gold medal in the world championship was in Gothenburg.

So with the winter Olympics coming up, I knew I must manage to see at least one ice hockey match  and experience the atmosphere in a Swedish pub.
Thankfully, Sweden was playing against Czech republic early on last week so me and my friend Maria from Barcelona decided to support our Czech friend Veronika and join her for the match. It wasn’t essentially my country but as Slovakia and Czech used to be one country, we stayed ‘brother nations’ and still supports each other (unless we are playing against each other in ice hockey…then it is completely different story 🙂


Veronika made reservation at Glenn’s pub in Andra långgatan…and good job she did as the place was packed with people having after work beers and awaiting the match. The place was quite cool and there was a great atmosphere once the match started with everyone cheering and clapping every time Sweden scored a goal.

After loosing 0:4, Czech republic finally managed to score their first goal, me and Veronika got very excited and cheered our glasses happily, causing very confused looks on the faces of all the Swedes around. However, as Sweden was winning, no one really minded…or they all just thought we got the rules completely wrong.
The other remaining mystery were the hockey sticks of the Swedish team that kept breaking all the time – they must all have been from Ikea.



We initially just came for the game and a beer, however the amazing burgers that literally everyone was having around us looked way too delicious…so we used loosing the match as an adequate excuse and order some signature Glenn’s burgers alongside with some dips and nachos to eat our sorrow away. So far, one of the best burgers I’ve had in Gothenburg.


Even though, our team did not win, it was a fun experience and a very delicious dinner!

Puss Puss,

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