Let’s go to the Opera!!

First time when I heard this proposal from my friends I was not really convinced. Nonetheless, I thought, come on! It could be nice. It is a different experience. So they got the tickets and we head all together to our first opera in Gothenburg. The first Issue to appear: How should we dress to go to the opera? Well, according to our German friend (who is sadly back in Germany already) we should dress pretty nicely. Of course we did not listen to him and went with normal clothes. As we were getting close to the Opera building, you could see very fancy dresses and suit up guys. Ok Ok, dont worry! We did not make a show; there were also people normally dressed like us 🙂 .

with the guysPIC: Our German friend, well dressed as always.

So here we are, already in the building. Let’s take our seats and enjoy the Opera. Oh no! Wait. At the end it was not Opera it was a musical and it had subtitles. Even better!!

This play really impacted me. It was funny and profound at the same time. It delivered a message to the public without forcing it. It was a play that hid many controversial aspects of our society. And the writer made a perfect mixture of satirize concepts and still kept respect for them.  Politics, tolerance, stereotypes, media manipulation, love, social pressure…

opera pic

Picturing the parents that raised you with all their effort, sacrifice and love and imagine the day you will bring the next member of their family, your husband or wife. They will be happy, I can be sure, but  would not it be more difficult for you if your partner were the same gender as you are? Well, now picture a homosexual couple and their son who is bringing home a girl he wants to marry. It might sound normal for us but probably for his parents it might be as odd as you marrying a same gender person. This is when the play turns interesting and full critical pictures.

A boy that wants to show a perfect picture of his family, even if it means to deny his transvestite mother for a night.  Parents that for love will pretend a life and show what they are not. The love of a girl over the stereotype and image of her politician father. This are the kind of conflicts that many people face everyday but we deny to discuss. The reality that homosexual people is not able to show their love with the same freedom as a heterosexual couple is a denial of their humanity. Sweden might be an open minded country, more equal and tolerant but there are still part of the world where being  gay might mean the end of your life as you know it. Anyway, there will always be some issues that have to be worked individually and spread to the rest of the world.


What I really like about living in Gothenburg, is the opportunity to attend not only parties and fikas but to enrich your life with social and cultural events as the one I am telling you about. Give yourself some time to enjoy with your friends, or why not by yourself,in a completely different environment. Go to the opera house and enjoy some Swedish theater. It will help you to understand better their culture  and  their view of the world!


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