Vintage Shopping in Göteborg

Järntorget is definitely one of those places that made me fall in love with Göteborg very early on:  cute fika spots in Haga on one side, Friday after school beers on the other side, the proximity to the water and currently the fact that it has recently become my new neighborhood. So when my classmate texted me Saturday noon to join her for some vintage shopping in the area, I was more than up for it.

We took our designful minds, some more spring appropriate coats to celebrate that the snow is finally gone and started our tour in the Vintage Fair (or Flea Market you can call it) in 2 Lång in Andra Långgatan.

The place was rather small and crowded, with few stalls selling random second-hand clothes, books and pottery and a little café in the back. It was quite challenging to look through the stuff, however my friend managed to spot some cool stuff and happily ended up with a cool designer handbag.


Our second stop was one of the biggest second-hand shops in Göteborg: Myrorna. Located just next to Pustervik in Järntorget, it is definitely a place you cannot miss, especially if you’re a student.


They have 4 floors filled with second-hand clothes, accessories, shoes, full retro section, books, kitchenware, home decorations and furniture (I am pretty sure half of the things in our new apartment comes from Myrorna: from 15kr chairs to unique candle holders).

The place itself has a very cool interior design and vibe; it is often very fun experience just to visit and look around without any intention to actually buying anything. However, this hardly ever happens to me – this time I ended up with a beautiful black backless dress and a little tartan skirt (because spring IS coming…eventually).


So if you are looking for some new additions to your home & wardrobe or just wanna discover some new interesting places, head to Järntorget during the daytime next weekend.

Lucia 😉

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