Different Countries, Different Cultures!

Written on a train approximately an hour away from Berlin, 22nd January 2014.

So I guess now that you know my short story you know I am a musician and travel around a fair bit. I am currently on my way to Berlin to play a concert with the Baltic Youth Philharmonic in the Philharmonie in Berlin Philharmonie which is one of the most famous halls in Europe. The orchestra is made up of people who are from or are studying in any countries which sit on the Baltic Sea. Here is a photo of the orchestra:


The orchestra academy in Gothenburg also has many different nationalities represented. In the brass section alone in Gothenburg I have played with people from Spain, Norway, Sweden, China and Italy. With all of these different countries come many different cultures. This is something which since moving to Gothenburg I have found very interesting finding out about. I must say that some of my favourites are the nice long afternoon lunches with my Spanish friends who make eating dinner more of a social occasion than we do in the UK. I never thought about it before, but in the UK we really do eat lunch just as a necessity and really only take a few minutes to munch on something then get back to work as soon as we can. I now enjoy taking some time to sit and enjoy my dinner and relax with some friends. It makes lunch time a lot more interesting and something to look forward to! I have also found that Sweden is a fantastic place for early risers! Usually I get quite hungry about 1 or 2pm which is a quite typical UK time to eat, however very often if you go and try and buy something from the canteen at this time most things are gone! It took me a while to realise that people have lunch a lot earlier in Sweden and the ideal time is 12 o’ clock if you want the good stuff in the canteen! Here is a photo of a HUGE english breakfast I made last easter for my friends, this took so long to eat but it was very tasty:


Another difference in I have found between the UK and Sweden is the drinking culture. My drinking habits have definitely changed since moving there and it is not just because the beer is sometimes 2 or three times the price as home…! It is my impression that in Sweden social drinking is a lot more important to people than the so called UK binge drinking culture. I now find it a lot more common for me to have one or two beers over the course of an evening than to try and drink as much as I can from the beginning to the end of the night! The general culture does not really promote binge drinking which is something I completely love about Sweden. There is simply no pressure to drink if you don’t want to!

Well until next time goodbye and I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post!

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