An Introduction

Written on a plane somewhere between Gothenburg and Berlin, 22nd January 2014.

Hello! Welcome to my new blog. I guess I better start by introducing myself… My name is Fraser Russell, I am 25 and come from Scotland. I am studying my Masters degree in Orchestral Tuba Playing at the University of Gothenburg where I am in my fourth, and final semester at the Swedish National Orchestra Academy. There are two questions which I often get asked. 1) “Tuba? Whats that”? To answer this, here is an explanation by one drunk passer by who called it “that big trumpet thingy” which is basically right. However below is a photo of me and my trumpet thingy for your knowledge. 2) “Why Gothenburg?” Well why not? But first I must tell you about how I got here.


I remember being asked when I was younger and leaving high school what I wanted to be when I was older. My answer was, for the first few years a Marine Biologist. I had recently been to Sea World in Florida and decided that I would like to save all of the killer whales…everywhere! However, it quickly became apparent that to do this required more than simply a love for one creature made famous by Hollywood. Somewhere along the way I needed to be good at science. I was not. So with most nights of my week taken up with my tuba, wether it be rehearsing for brass band, wind band, or orchestra, (I even had a short year and a half stint as a drummer in a Punk band called Dijon!) I decided music was to be my chosen profession. So I went to the Junior School of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) in Glasgow every Saturday for three years, auditioned for the senior academy, and won a place. I received the call confirming my acceptance whilst getting ready for my appearance in my high schools talent show dressed as Posh Spice. It was a memorable moment being stood in a skirt and high heels wrestling an out of control wig and speaking to your future head of department accepting your place, memorable but funny! So I studied in Glasgow for 4 years at the RSAMD which is now called the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (very fancy right?). I graduated from the school there in 2010 with a 2/1 in Tuba Performance. It was here that my journey taking me to Gothenburg really began…

To be continued…

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