Tips for moving to Gothenburg on a budget

It’s got to that stage where it’s been Christmas and then New Year and you eaten and drunk copious amounts ham, turkey, wine, eggnog and spandex. Now you’re preparing to pack that suitcase, the essentials that wouldn’t go into body are prepared into tightly fitted in any which way, suppressed by the belt that Ryanair has put around your waist-suitcase. So arriving stripped, to your new room, apartment, city you’re in need of a few things to start feeling at home.

TIP 1 Don’t splash out at Ikeasplash

Most things student’s sell, go at half Ikea price, where they bought them in the first place and now trying to get rid of them in a hurry. It’s usually the stuff that you will need as a student too. Check the student groups on facebook to find good deals.

Tip 2 Get it for free!funiture

If you live in Student accommodation you will periodically find an abundance of furniture left out to be taken away. I have aquired 4 chairs in the last 5 months, a lounge chair for lounging, a comfy reading chair for comfy reading, a small chair to do small trivial things like taking your shoes off when you enter and a desk chair for desk jobs, a saving of about 2000SEK. Now I am just replacing chairs.

Tip 3 Checkout the 2nd hand shops2nd hand store

Gothenburg has some good quality 2nd hand shops dotted around Järntorget such as Emmaus. You can buy yourself a decent sofa between 500 – 800SEK and just about anything you can think off but be careful purchasing vintage electrical items like lamps if the have the ‘old’ Swedish plug, it won’t fit into your wall socket and getting an adapter could be a hassle.

Tip 4 Real books for freebooks

Whether you like reading for pleasure or desperately searching for course material, pay a visit to the library early on. You will find many of the books you need and more via the online articles they have stored. Books in Sweden are much more expensive than the UK, so try getting a hold of the e-versions and find a hard copy at the library. Saves money and weight/space in your luggage.

Tip 5 Eat as much as you likebar

In southern Spain, you buy yourself a beer and the bartender will give you a tasty side dish for free. Thankfully you don’t have to be in southern Spain for such hospitality. Friday’s After Work is usually between 5 – 7, you turn up order a beer and eat as much as you like from the buffet but be there at 5 unless you’re vegetarian! Most bars have after work, starting from King’s Head where a lots of Erasmus students hang out to Lilla London in the center.

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