Travelling: Berlin

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Paul and I joined Olartia and Dani who also study at the University of Gothenburg in Berlin. On the first day we took a free tour with Sandeman’s New World Tours. It was interesting and rich in information. We walked through the Jewish Memorial in the city centre which is just around the corner from Brandenburg Gate. A surreal moment was when we stepped onto an innocent, average courtyard lawn where underneath in a destroyed bunker newly weds Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide once upon a time.

Olartia and I enjoyed our tour so much we decided to take on a paid tour to Sachsenhausen concentration camp which was a dark and depressing tour but worth every bit of emotion. To add to the feeling at Sachsenhausen, the weather was grim and heavily foggy. It was extremely creepy.

The first evening Paul, Olartia and I went out to see an Australian band called Rüfüs who make some really catchy dance music. We later met up with the band and many other Australians which was a pleasant little reminder of home and the good music that is coming out of home right now. The following evening Dani, myself and Paul went to a gay club which was fun where we met even more Australians (we are everywhere in Germany it seems).

On our last day, we went for a spot of shopping at the Weekday sales and Paul left us for Copenhagen. Dani, Olartia and I visited the East Side gallery, the Parliament house and also the Christmas Markets which were extremely pleasant with the smell wurst/korv/sausages and waffles filling the air and the live Christmas band.

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