Strolling the city and the island of Vrångö

Earlier this week I received an email from my editor instructing me to update my blog because quite frankly my ass was on the line. Meanwhile, Cezar (my lecturer) has me by the cojones preparing the exam paper which I will take later this week. In any case a good friend of mine, Jamie, is flying in from London for the weekend and it’s time to relax, I’ve promised plenty of sightseeing. 2013-11-30 14.31.28

I’m not entirely sure what went down on Friday but we awoke on Saturday afternoon with a splitting headache, and so decided to take a little stroll around the city, tomorrow we will venture further afield. At 5pm we ate a large, tasty and rather expensive rare burger at 155SEK at The Rover and at 7pm we sat down again for our 3 course dinner with a bottle of wine at 80SEK at the official Rotary Student House Party, plenty of speeches and songs were sung and I felt my friend was receiving a warm Swedish welcome.

Walking around Gothenburg

Town houses in Johanneberg.2013-11-30 14.32.56

The museum steps 2013-11-30 14.36.28

Looking across Gotaplatsen2013-11-30 14.38.10

In between the official Rotary Student House Party and venturing further afield the next day, I found out that I had decided to sleep under my table to which my friend visiting had kindly taken a photo of as a reminder. I also found out that my work friends had tricked me into drinking a very tasty but highly potent shots in the rage of 80% proof which accounts for the former.

However we awoke in high spirits to take the ferry to Vrångö one of the further islands from the city. Whats interesting when you arrive is that you notice there are no cars, just some kind of three-wheeled motorbike with a trailer attached to the front. The island has an eerie dead calm, a population of around just 380 most of whom seemed to be inside when we arrived. We quickly traveled west to the other side of the island in minutes. The wind blew hard and we scrambled around the rocks into the harbor. Then, we headed north taking a small forest path, the trees surrounding us creaked letting of a strange orchestra of sound. As we wandered through we stumbled across a half open cottage, intrigued we entered the small path and peered in, suddenly an uneasy feeling crept in, hanging from the ceiling was a large black body sized bag. Unable to determine the nature of the aura we left with haste and continued further north to the edge of island. With just 15 minutes before complete darkness we hurried back, as we walked passed the cottage again, the wind picked up rapidly, both of us were silent.

Island of Vrångö

Looking west2013-12-01 15.15.20

Illuminated beach huts2013-12-01 15.15.53 Finding ourselves 2013-12-01 15.16.37

Shaky dock2013-12-01 15.19.21

Erie moment2013-12-01 15.58.19-2

Haunted cottage2013-12-01 16.04.45

Au revoir Vrångö2013-12-01 16.15.52

Waiting to return by ferry we went to the only cafe come restaurant on the island and met an utterly charming local woman who had lived there all her life. She confirmed to us that there were parts of island that were haunted and the cottage we found is where they keep and slaughter sheep. Grizzly.

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