Ice Hockey

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Accompanied by sports enthusiast and serial chain smoker, Desmond and I had never seen a live game of Ice Hockey before, so this was a VERY cool experience for us both. Frölunda Indians vs HV71 proved to be excellent entertainment for an average Wednesday evening. The fans are crazy about their hockey and the male fans resemble the burly blokes from back home in Australia at the local footy stadium. In one corner, the fan base chanted throughout the entirety of the game, singing and banging drums.

The game itself was brutal and very fast. Players were falling over on the hard ice and opponents were being slammed into barriers. There was plenty of ‘OOHH’s’  and ‘AHHH’s’ between Desmond and I, as we cringed at the violence. I admit that I am a huge fan of Ice Hockey now. It is fast, brutal and extremely entertaining. The home team Frölunda won 5-3!

To the current mass of students studying at Gothenburg, get yourselves a seat at the next game. Click here for more information.

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