Exhibitions in Gothenburg

IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4378

2 weeks ago I ventured to Röda Sten (red stone) to see an exhibition called PLAY! Recapturing the Radical Imagination. It was not your average exhibition as it critically and playfully reflected radical imagination by making bold social and political statements through visualisations. I was accompanied by my closest friends Felix, Nick and Maria, whom all coincidentally share a ridiculously huge amount of interests with me. I was very happy to share this little adventure with such creative people. I quite enjoyed the large old building which stood directly under the large Älvsborg Bridge, was covered in graffiti and looked heavily run down, but it is indeed very well looked after and curated by the members of Röda Sten Konsthall.

Maria and I were particularly impressed with the entrance lobby and the strange wall boxes. Admittedly, we really enjoyed the lobby for the shaggy arm chairs and dreamy pink/purple lighting. PLAY! Recapturing the Radical Imagination is now well and truly over. I did enjoy the exhibition, especially for it’s bold response to many of current affairs.

I am heading to this exhibition tonight and should blog about it in the near future. If you are a current student at the University of Gothenburg, come and see what the talented 3rd year craft students have done. My talented friend Marta will be exhibiting her beautiful ceramic work from 17.30 Röhsska museum on Vasagatan near the old main university building.


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