Gustav Adolf’s Day & HDK

IMG_4331 IMG_4344 IMG_4346 IMG_4375


It was during my make-up Swedish lesson that I was reminded that the following day was an important historical day for the people of Gothenburg. Gustav Adolf founded Gothenburg in 1621 and later died in battle on November 6 1632. For this day, bakelse (pastry/cake) is eaten in memory. Miraculously the following morning, my university cafeteria was selling these celebratory delights with Gustav Adolf’s chocolatey face upon a green marzipan cupcake. I had to try it.

Sponge, apple, cream, marzipan and a chocolate Gustav went down a treat. I considered a round two, but thought the better of it (it could have been the beginning of an unhealthy addiction). Make sure to join in on this day and buy a bakelse next November.

Also a friendly reminder to current students to visit HDK and the gallery next door over the following weeks. Many craft and design students are due to exhibit some excellent work ranging from textiles, to jewellery and ceramics. The walls, ceilings and floors are often adorned with strange artistic pieces. It really is a cool building to explore.

Just jump off at Valand! Kristinelundsgatan 6-8

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