Chalmers FestU

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There are often alot of great events on in Gothenburg, Chalmer’s FestU Halloween (Halloweenkalaset) party is certainly one of them. It is often regarded as the holiest student event of the year in Gothenburg, and it is very easy to see why. The Halloweenkalaset is an annual celebration of crazy youth getting seriously into the traditional American holiday. The costumes were excellent – plenty of zombies, vampires, mummies, Spidermans, Arnold Schwarzenegger to Minnie Mouse, The Human Centipede (yes, you better believe it) to Miley Cyrus.

There were a few safety complications at first, the line becoming so big around 11.30, the crowds were becoming impatient and pushing began. I saw alot of people pushed onto large metal poles in the cold, ankles and legs getting caught in between fencing scaffolding, I was feeling very scared for a while for my own safety, but once we got in we were warm and safe from the crowds. Besides that unpleasant experience, it was a great night overall.

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