Lights in Alingsås

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I will keep this post small because I feel that the images can do all of the talking. Lights in Alingsås is a light festival/town exhibition in Alingsås, only 45 minutes out of Gothenburg. My friends and I visited the sleepy little town last week, which we really enjoyed walking through. The contributors ranged from children to professionals.

Make sure you see this exhibition before it ends – (TOMORROW!) click here for more information.

– Melissa

6 thoughts on “Lights in Alingsås

  1. I love the lights! And I’m so happy I found your blog, because I considered doing an Erasmus Semester at the University of Gothenborg 🙂 and I am really looking forward to it – yay! Love, Jasmin

  2. Hello guys. I am a student considering to go on an exchange to University of Gothenburg and I want to take Fine Arts.I know that the medium of instruction of most courses is Swedish. Even though I have learnt that people in Sweden speaks very good English, I still afraid that I will get lost in lessons.Is it a big problem to you guys? How’s the actual situation in lesson? Will teachers adjust the medium of instruction if there is a exchange student in class?
    Hope to hear from you!

    1. Hi Chris,

      My name is Melissa and I am studying at Gothenburg University’s design and craft campus called HDK. My program (design bachelors) is taught partly in English. But it is one of very few that actually teach in English. When you go to the website and visit the faculty page in which you are interested in, there is usually a contact email. If your university has a partnership with the University of Gothenburg (GU), you should ask your exchange officer and your fine arts faculty head to see which classes will be offered in English. If the class has a large number of exchange student they will speak in English usually.

      But generally, everyone is great with translations here and if you take up the beginners Swedish class you will slowly be able to understand the written emails.

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