Hackers (studying at the university)

As darkness descended, so did a group of hackers on the Lindholmen campus, security was called in but they were already too late. Saturday 19th October, 11.20 pm Malcolm gives a revolutionary speech, beer down, whiskey straight.

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The last 7 weeks have been unrelenting, Cezar the department’s new chief has been maneuvering in front of the podium like an electric eel, we, the fish swarm together in this classroom aquarium, visions of the Science Park beckon through the glass. Every so often, he, Cezar shocks himself with sheer excitement and quirky brilliance leaving us dazed by his ‘live hacking’. And, so, this is how it began, Green Cross, an intuitive set-up by some of the 1 st year students to provide a Code aid to the other novice programmers. As an assignment to create a Hangman game loomed, many were struggling, classmates Greg provided his home plus beer, Pontus and Luuk lent their experience to help many students cross over to the other side, there’s was even an online tutorial (see resources). Such flair, so much camaraderie; the class room, the  party,  Malcolm’s birthday, it all falls into place before heading down to the clubs across river.

The Software Engineering and Management  program starts from scratch, you won’t need any programming experience to begin the course however be aware that it’s no easy task if you have not had any programming experience simply due to the pace and in-depth knowledge that online courses don’t touch. You will however have fun and your class will be diverse; a broad spectrum of age groups, cultures and experience will make it exciting place to explore new ways of thinking. In the first 7 weeks you will be given enough knowledge to design and implement a complex desktop application. We have had 8 hours of lectures a week, it’s not much, but then you have exercise supervision for another 9 hours plus group work, it quickly add to about 40 hours a week. There will be plenty of students from other years to help as it’s very much a peer to peer learning program and the lecturers act much more as facilitators, it’s a mature course in that respect and you feel that you learning because you want to and not being spoon fed.

” I didn’t understand your question but no!” – Cezar (answer to a typical student question)



Udemy Online Course


(This course from Udemy gives a good introduction to Java and  helps as an extra visual aid to a reputable Java book).



(The Greenfoot software is powerful and easy to use, it’s visual and there are tutorials to help you get started. It’s uses an interface that lets you drag and drop objects making it a fun and interactive way to learn Java.)

Java Book

Introduction to Java Programming by Y. Daniel Lang ISBN-13: 978-0-13-247275-3

(I use this book on the course, it’s clear and easy to understand, 1366 pages and we’ve covered pretty much every topic in quite some depth in the last 7 weeks)

A Youtube tutorial created by 1st year student Luuk.


( An example assignment for novice programmers )


Courses material and content is continually updated therefore always check on the course web page for up to date info and/or email the university if you have any specific questions.



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