The GISA buddy


Yacob with buddies Linda and Jiayi

The GISA (Gothenburg International Student Association) buddy is a special kind of person. They are extremely devoted to a new student’s comfort, happiness and safety. They are charitable, understanding, kind, friendly, and the best thing of all, they are there for you, for free.

Signing up for a student buddy was the best thing I ever did. My buddy leader is not only an excellent mentor, but he is now one of my closest friends (and is also my next-door neighbour!). Yacob met me out of his own time well before welcome week, on August the 7th. He was my first friend in Sweden, and that meant a lot to me.

Yacob gave me all the knowledge he could pass on to me regarding the public transport, the laundries at Olofshöjd, the best clubs and pubs and much more. My buddy leader is loving and caring. When I am sick, down or injured, he offers me tea and a chat. He is always interested in knowing about my life in Australia and my university assignments. Yacob is always inspired by others (especially his buddy group) and we are continuously inspired by him.

I have introduced Yacob to incense sticks, which is far from ‘native’ in my Australian culture, but reflects our common love for hindu culture and spirituality. We often swap different scents between each other. My buddy leader welcomes all and puts 100% time and love into the people around him. Yacob is the buddy leader of Team Skål, which is a group made up of about 17 members. Around 10 of us are all very close friends who often party, enjoy fika and have movie and dinner nights together. Everyone outside of Team Skål (skål means ‘cheers’ in Swedish) comments how they wished Yacob was their buddy leader, and I can clearly see why. Team Skål is united by great friendly people who enjoy each other’s company, a lot of personal jokes, looking out for one another and of course a little bit of alcohol.

If you were ever so lucky to have Yacob as a mentor you are not only up for the best leader and guide in Gothenburg, you are set to have a friend for life.Image

All hail Saint Yacob!

Make sure you apply for a buddy when you come to the University of Gothenburg click!

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