Accommodation in Gothenburg

Okay, let’s just set this straight – Finding accommodation in Gothenburg will be difficult. One must understand that planning is essential, and to take ANY opportunity where possible. When my exchange application was accepted by the University of Gothenburg, I received some information straight away on the application process for student housing. This is something you must take very seriously and respond to STRAIGHT AWAY (can I make it any clearer?) I accepted and applied for student housing right away, providing as much information and applying for the cheapest accommodation first (the most expensive last). A month before university begins is when you will be informed of where you will be housed. I was told I had a room in Olofshöjd, which was my second choice – Great! I replied straight away with my approval and paid the first fee for the accommodation without any hesitation.


Here is my lovely room here at Olofshöjd. Most rooms come with a bed, side table, chairs, a study desk, shelving, lamps and more. You will find most students leave items in the room for future dwellers, collaborative consumption at its best.

A mistake a personal friend made was that she mis-interpreted a notice about social restrictions if staying at an SGS studentbostäder (student boarding) apartment. You see, my friend likes her freedom to party (don’t we all?) but she was unsure that she would be welcome to stay if she were to come home late after a big night, or to have a few drinks at her apartment/kitchen. So, she wrote off SGS apartments and tried to look for private accommodation with more flexibilities.


She ended up sharing an apartment here in Olofshöjd with a kind friend of hers for over a month after waiting for an available apartment. She has been in her own apartment for 2 weeks now, but she has learned a valuable lesson. Olofshöjd, like all SGS accommodation is very flexible with the student lifestyle. Loud music/parties are strongly advised to finish up around 10pm on a weekday out of respect for the other students living in the apartments. This is only fair for everyone involved.

However, there are times when there is just too much demand for student housing through the university, and you can easily miss out. Not to worry, there are other ways.

Here are some links and facebook groups to become involved with –

And if you are still struggling or need accommodation last minute try –

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