Visiting the Archipelago

When you visit Gothenburg these islands are a must see sight for their little sea cottages, winding lanes, beaches, marinas and those eerie choices you have to make when it comes to the odd fork in the road. It is very easy to get to the Islands. Tram 11 from Brunnsparken will go all the way to Saltholmen where the Ferries leave. It is a great idea to make a day of island hopping or a nice picnic on a single island. Make sure when you go to the islands you respect the people who live there by always taking your rubbish with you and not being too rude or noisy. I have been fortunate enough to visit the archipelago 3 times now. I have seen:


Home to the Apple Witch (See image below), this house sits at the end of what seems to my imaginative little mind as a mildly scary children’s fairytale path. My friend and I jokingly named it the Apple Witch’s home because when you peer through the gateway, it reveals another path lined with apple trees either side. With the old lantern and vine covered stone wall, my friend and I couldn’t help but picture the witch from Snow White beckoning us down the path. The whole scene gave us a good giggle, so it is now titled the “Apple Witch” house. Besides that, KÖPSTADSÖ is a beautiful island, and the town is half the reason why. The homes are huddled together, divided by cute picket fences and narrow laneways. I was greeted by the most cutest black and white cat who trotted down it’s owner’s driveway meowing ‘hello’ to me, to then dropping on the warm concrete to roll on it’s back for a belly scratch. Twas the cutest little fella I had ever seen, I didn’t want to leave it. Bless, I hope to meet the little cat again soon. Definitely was the best greeting a girl could have.blogblog3blog2blog1


ASPERÖ was the first island I had visited. I joined Dani and Maria from Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the Erasmus crew to the nearest island to Saltholmen port. It was a nice island, with lots of high vantage points to see the coastline and town below. A word of warning when it comes the climbing on this island, wedge heels are not suggested (thankfully not me, but some other poor girl didn’t expect to be walking off the paths).
The locals were friendly. One elderly gentleman greeted us as he zoomed away at lightening fast speeds from his motorised scooter. It was a great chance to meet new people. I met two really lovely and outgoing people – Oliver from England (also known as that cocky English guy) and Lilou from France. And below you can see my boof head trying to be all sweet and smiley. Sorry about that.

blog7 blog6 blog5 blog4


VRÅNGÖ was quite a large island. I went with a large group of friends and we travelled to a beach where the sun shone brightly for a whole 10 minutes (go Sweden) and Ingur from Germany dove right on in, wrestled some stinging jellyfish Steve Irwin style (not really) and swam to a small island a few hundred meters offshore, where he climbed upon and waved to us from the other side. Those crazy daredevil germans. The water sure was cold! We sat and ate heaps of chocolate biscuits, brie cheese sandwiches (thanks Ingur) and our favourite snack – a big packet of cheese balls.
The day was complete with an unofficial Swedish tour guide – Felix. Felix is also a University of Gothenburg student studying biology. I met him prior to the island visit and he showed us different berries to pick/eat, teaching us names of trees and helping us with the pronunciation. You have got to love those friendly Swedes! blog11blog10blog9blog8

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