On numerous occasions I have received the question from many people (especially Swedes) –

But WHY did you choose Sweden?

Why Sweden you ask? Well, why not Sweden!?

Here are my main arguments for choosing Sweden:

  • Sweden is one of the most socially advanced nations in the world.
  • Women are respected as equals and the feminist movement is very strong here.
  • The LGBTI community are treated as equals and have all the legal rights as everyone else.
  • Sweden takes serious care of the environment and has excellent recycling and upcycling movements. The nation collectively believes that climate change is real.
  • Is a relatively safe country.
  • Great health care.
  • Friendly and well educated with most people having excellent English speaking skills.
  • I have never been to Europe/Sweden before.
  • Breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty.
  • I wanted to learn a new language.
  • I have done many research papers on Scandinavian design (let’s just call it an obsession for now)
  • The people here are so stylish and oh so beautiful. Yay for Sweden!

So based on these points, why would you not want to be part of Swedish society?
The images above have been taken at HDK the design and crafts school where I study at the University in Gothenburg. The 3rd year design students sit out here in lunch breaks to get some fresh air and eat last night’s re-heated left overs. It’s a really cool atmosphere to just sit amongst the rooftops and take in the European architecture around you. This is probably something most Europeans take for granted, but I can assure you, I do not.

Signing out –

3 thoughts on “BUT WHY SWEDEN?

      1. Well I have been to Uppsala quite a few times attending conferences and I love its small town charm…Being very near to Stockholm, the bling and chime of a big city is easily attainable as well…And I used to hang around a lot along the Fyris…

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