Mysterious scenery in Bergen!

Hey guys I am back from Norway, with the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life!!!

Traveled through NSB, on the way to Bergen! Every picture taken here is like a fantastic oil painting


Arrived at Bergen, visited local fisktorget and I enjoyed a big seafood feast here!


On the ship towards Sognefjord, I embraced nature and the chilly air!

IMG_9038 IMG_9184

what a spectacular waterfall! Just give it a glimpse on the flåmsbana to myrdal!


Landed in the Voss hostel! I highly recommended you go there since you got everything perfect here: rooms with lake-view, various breakfast including goats cheese and fresh trouts! Meanwhile you can also go camping , try canoe and have a BBQ with friends!

Most importantly, the lake is calm and pure enough to heal your mind and heart. It is something that is beyond words!






2 thoughts on “Mysterious scenery in Bergen!

  1. This may be a silly question but how long is a typical “class” at the uni of Gothenburg? How exactly does that work throughout the week? Is it one class or a few like here in the states?

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