Accommodation in Gothenburg: links and tips

In slightly more than one month fall term will be started. I can clearly imagine what newly admitted international students who will start their studies at the University of Gothenburg are up to now! They definitely have start packing their outfits. Checking weather forecast and considering if Swedish winter is very very cold or just very cold, and trying to pack appropriate clothes 😉 They keep all their eyes and ears on everything they can find about Gothenburg and Sweden. And one of the nightmares (I had it as well) is how to find a place to live. Keep calm. It’s hard, but possible.

Today Göta Student union shared a list of “top ten” useful links for those who are looking for an accommodation in Gothenburg. The list is, indeed, very useful. And I would like to share it with you, and to add my own comments with some tips and pieces of advice.


The first and the most popular dwelling agency for students in Gothenburg is SGS. Hope you have already registered there. For that you just need to fill in a special form and to send out the scanned copy to SGS. Mind two things. The first, if you are a member of Göta Student Union you will have an advantage – 3 additional months for your queue time. Sounds not so much. I cannot agree. Each day in your queue time is very important! Once I haven’t got a room just because one girl had two days longer waiting time than me..

On the SGS web-page there are also some announces about private rooms and flats for rent. You can check it, and maybe to find something suitable.


It’s a very popular source to find a place to live in Sweden, but there is a tricky part. It functions not only for students, but for all residents in Sweden. So, people who use it have in many cases very long waiting time, and it’s hard to compete with them. Nevertheless, there is a special sections with private announces where you can contact landlords directly.

Moreover, due to increasing demand for student accommodation Boplats employed two new staff members primary assigned to work with students – so, feel free to contact them and ask for help.  

Waiting time is essential when looking for dwelling


An extremely popular online marketplace in Sweden. There are plenty of private announces. Check it as often as possible, mind that first come – first serve. However, beware of scammers and fraud!!! I strongly recommend you to be cautious and to think twice!

I found an interesting crowdsourcing project “Blocket Scammers”, where people report scammers – and there is a good search tool where you can check your contact by e-mail, name of even a text. As it is just crowdsourcing, where people share their personal experiences, there can be some mistakes.


Even if you are a GU student, you still can contact Chalmers student agency. I had a very good experience myself contacting them.

There are some other sources that I haven’t tried myself. And cannot comment on them, unfortunately. But let’s use a collective mind, and if some of you have some comments and tips – share them with others in comments to this post.
5. : a similar site as Please, be careful while registering on Bopunkten. Requires membership fees of ~500 SEK. (approx 60 Euros)







One of our former bloggers, Nena, also wrote a post about accommodation last year – check it here.

Anyways, I sincere wish the best luck to all of you, who will join our GU fellowship next term!

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