Voyage à Paris

Part I

I am an emperor-mania. I am always very curious about how emperors live and their anecdotes. So whenever I go somewhere, palaces will be one of my must-go places. This time in France, I went to Versailles, the most ever extraordinary and extravagant palaces in Europe history. In order to make the whole palace-journey more impressive, I watched a BBC documentary about Versailles, which tells the story of its establishment by Louis XIV and its decay by lours XVI. When I was in the palaces, I saw as if the Sun King, Louis the Great(1643-1715)showed his newly designed shoes proudly to everyone; I saw as if Madame de Pompadour demonstrated her intelligence and talented speeches in front of Louis the Well beloved (1710 – 1774);I saw Louis XVI knelt and confessed his failure while looking at the dome illustration of his great great-grandfather.

The hall of mirrors

Apart from Versailles, I also took a visit to some of the world-famous places like Eiffel, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe. Although I have heard them when I was very small, I still feel them astonishingly impressive when I saw them closely! You can find some poetic pictures below. And in the next part, I will present you my unique artistic tour in Paris!

IMG_0456 IMG_0471IMG_8443 IMG_8509 IMG_8526

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