Sailor’s wife tower

Attractions can be of a several kind. The longer you stay in Gothenburg the more interesting places you will get to know from “top”-visited to much less known. But popularity has almost no correlation with attractiveness. Some unknown places are very exciting. One of such kind of places is a sailor’s tower with a lady on the top of it. People visiting and living in Gothenburg know this place indeed. But not so many know that it is possible to get inside the tower and go up the stairs right to the monument.

Sailor's wife in a sunset
Sailor’s wife in a sunset

Sailor’s tower is located right near Stigbergstorget, with a good connection from the city center by several trams. So, it’s much easy to reach it than to get inside. The issue is that the tower has very “special” open hours. It opens its doors just during three summer months from June till August, just on weekends, and just between midday and 3 pm. Yes, sounds quite scary. I had a dream to climb up to the “waiting lady” – as I used to call the monument – for a while. And almost never I could get there in the right open hours. And last weekend I did it! It is actually free of charge if to have a yearly card to museums in Gothenburg which you can buy just for 40 Swedish crones.

View on Masthugget
View on Masthugget

The tower itself and the monument of the lady are quite remarkable. It is the highest monument in Sweden. The lady is a sailor’s wife (“Sjömanshustfrun” in Swedish). Being a harbor city, Gothenburg was a city of many sailors.  The tower was built 80 years ago in 1933, in memory of all Swedish seamen that were killed during the WW1. And sailor’s wife is a joint image of hundreds of Swedish women desperately waiting for their husbands, fathers, sons, who would never be back…

The tower inside is fairly well adapted for different kind of visitors. There are both stairs and an elevator that are available to go up. I decided to go by stairs and count them. It is 195 stairs, according to my estimations. On top of the tower there is one of the best views in Gothenburg! Especially it is a breathtaking view on Hisingen and Masthugget. I’ve done some panoramic photos. Take a look.

Panoramic view to Eriksberg
Panoramic view to Eriksberg




Panoramic view to Hisingen
Panoramic view to Hisingen

“Waiting lady” was waiting for me for so long time. And finally I did visit it!

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