Sailing in Marstrand

I think many people will agree with me if I say that stockholmare during summer weekends visit Gotland, while göteborgare – visit Bohuslän. It is a sort of natural division of “nice places” between East and West coasts of Sweden. Although there are plenty of lovely places that worth to visit.  As almost a real göteborgare in the end of the last week I went to Marstrand with two main goals: to enjoy the natural beauty of the archipelago and to take a look at the annual sailing competition that takes place in the beginning of July.

MarsrtandThe weather was typically Swedish. The forecast had promised a sunny day and the clear sky, while we got almost a fog and the sky full of clouds. So, you never know! But it did not screw up our day.  Marstrand is a lovely place and very popular during summer time. And we got a proof of that already approaching the city, where all public parkings were overfull! People were caring huge bags with food. And one man even bore the big package of more than twenty ceramic plates.. Seemed they had a large outdoor picnic. We were more modest and practical in our choice with some fresh salads and snacks. As it is possible to guess, popular places are almost never cheap.

Marstrand_sailingStena Match Cup Sweden took the whole week and lasted from the 1st till the 6th of July. There were several types of competitions: in addition to world class sailing (open and women’s classes), the event also offers a Celebrity Race, the Innovation Forum Marstrand, and the youth sailing contests Youth Match Cup Sweden and Junior Cup. And also a sailing school for those who are would like to try themselves in a new role of a sailor. We haven’t been so brave.

Carlstens_fortressIn addition to the sailing competition Marstrand offers plenty of nice cafés and sightseeing’s. No doubts that the Carlstens fortress is the biggest attraction for all visitors. You can freely walk around, and also visit the inside territory with a fee of 75 crones for an adult ticket. Sometimes they organize special festivals with Medieval dresses, food and a market. Sounds like a good and very interesting place to be!

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