Liseberg: 90 years of amusement!

One of the most exiting sightseeing in Gothenburg is definitely the amusement park Liseberg. It is actully the most visited amusement park in Scandinavia, attracting about 3 million visitors annually. Some of you may remember our blog post about Christmas at Liseberg. But it was the last year. This year, and even more – this week – Liseberg is turning 90 years! The anniversary is full is exiting events, guests and attractions.

Yesterday, on the first day of celebration, Liseberg was hosting TV show “Lotta på Liseberg”. And, luckily, I was among the public. This show is an annual summer activity hosting by Liseberg from 2004, and from 2009 is has a direct translation to Swedish TV4. So, what is this all about? Allsång på Liseberg gather thousands of people singing and having fun together. To be honest I did not expect that it will be so great!

Lotta på Liseberg
Lotta på Liseberg

For the anniversary Liseberg prepared many nice surprises – among guests of the show were legendary British singer Bonnie Tyler, Swedish star of Eurovision 2013 Robin Sjernberg and many others. It’s quite hard to get a ticket for a show, but there is still an option available. If to come early and wait – maybe you will get a place for some people that did not show up. And yesterday I got a place among public in that manner. It was a big fun to sit among the singing crowd of all ages!

With special thrilling I was waiting for Bonnie Tyler. And she was terrific presenting her new single “This is gonna hurt”. My happy singing face even appeared in TV, you can check it here. After that all people were together with Bonnie her most popular song – “It’s a heartache”.

Robin Sjernberg was also fantastic! He is full of energy, and he is indeed a gifted guy. He said that when he was a child he was dreaming of being a Batman, but became a singer. And his role-model was the great Swedish singer Tommy Körberg. And one of his songs “Stad i ljus” (that I like so much) we sang all together.

So, it was the terrific evening! And it’s only the beginning of the big celebration of 90th birthday of Liseberg. Check the program here and experience it yourself!

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