HDK Graduate examination<<Zoom In

Today I went to HDK exhibition to take a deeper look of degree projects. So this time, I will zoom in and share you guys with some of the projects that I found interesting.

Projects from Program of Crafts, BA and MA

Most of the time, craftsmen spend time communicating with material rather than people. As a result, they develop their own artistic language to communicate and their work tends to be more personal. Normally if you want to understand their projects, you need to dig out stories behind projects. This takes time.

For me, I like the strong comparison between first impression of not knowing what it is and understanding after figuring out what is communicated.

Here are some of the interesting stories that those craftsmen tried to communicate.

Projects from Design, BA and MA

In comparison with craftsmen, designers are more likely to be understood by people. As their projects are more or less function-oriented and customer oriented. This year, we embrace various types of design in HDK: design focused on kids, design focused on designer’s own personal development and design helped companies to solve problems. Here are some of the featured projects that I personally want to highlight.

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