HDK Graduate examination>>Zoom Out

Now it’s time to congratulate this year’s exam students from HDK. For those of you who are right now in Gothenburg, I highly recommended you take a look at the exhibition in HDK, the craft and design school of Gothenburg. Through the graduate exhibition, you will see awesome projects ranging from art to design.

The exhibition opens from 8 juni to 16 juni, 10-18, and there will be open lectures about design and art during lunch time each day. This time, the theme of the exhibion is “Zoom In and Zoom Out”. The whole school was also decorated to highlight the theme!


As the school consists of design and craft, you will get the chance to see projects of bachelor design students and master design students. Their works are mostly in the field of graphic and product design, some also in architecture and special design. If you are particularly interested in kid’s staff, there is a featured master program Child Culture Design, where the design is child- oriented and focused more on play. In the craft area, students present you jewelry, ceramic and textile design work. If you keen on art or have a special taste on materials and shaping method,   you are sure to find something valuable here!


This year, the school of craft and design in Steneby, another part of HDK, exhibited their work in Göteborgs Trädgårdsförening. They have specialization in wood, metal and textile. The works are both conceptual and artistic. Take a look if you are interested!


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