Botanic Garden in Gothenburg

Almost all people in Gothenburg know Slottsskogen park not far from the city center. It’s indeed a lovely place, and although park has a large territory it can be crowded sometimes. Especially during weekends or holidays (National Day or Valborg, for example). If you are looking for a cozy promenade “i lugnt och ro” (calm and quiet) you can pass Slottsskogen and go to the Botanic Garden. Especially now, when it is full of blooming flowers and emerald green grass!

???????????????????????????????I love Slottsskogen a lot, and it’s quite close to the place I live. But sometimes it feels that I would prefer less crowded place. And last week I was in that kind of mood. Blossoming rhododendrons made me even more curious to go to Botaniska. As in botanic gardens around the world the whole territory is divided into several in-door and out-door zones in correlation to climate and geographical areas. IN one corner it can be “small” Japan with typical trees and flowers, in another – “small” Australia. It’s always fascinating to have a “botanic” world-round journey.

As it has slipped out my main interest this time was blooming rhododendrons, gorgeous bushes with fantastic flowers. And in Botanic Garden there are plenty of various rhododendrons of different colors and types.

There is a room for quiet and relaxing promenades in Botaniska: you can sit in shadow of exotic trees, hike down to hidden small paths, or listen music of a waterfall. I like this place a lot! Hope you will love it as well.

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