Philosophical talk with Slavoj Žižek

Some people tend to say that Gothenburg is a “small” city. I would rather disagree. If we disregard the size of population, square and other formal criteria, we found that Gothenburg has all attributes of a “big” city: intensive cultural life, plenty of festivals, concerts and exhibitions. And Gothenburg never stops surprise me: like this week Stora Teatern (The Big Theater) was hosting one of the noticeable philosophers of our times – Slavoj Žižek.

Slavoj Žižek in Gothenburg
Slavoj Žižek in Gothenburg

Slovenian descent philosopher – Slavoj – is an author of dozen of books showing sort of philosophical approach towards political and social events happening in the world. Journal Foreign Policy calls him “a celebrity philosopher” and considers him as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers in the world.

I perfectly remember the first his book that I read – it was “Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle”, where he through philosophical lenses analyze the Iraq campaign started by the USA. Žižek is a determined, charismatic and highly-criticized person. In many of his books he develops the go in-depth of modern cinema, catching archetypical narratives and heroes, and suggests a new, usually much unexpected, interpretation of it.

20130613_184146His open talk in Stora Teatern in Gothenburg this week he has devoted primary to discussion on modern ideology in the world. His lecture was full of bright examples from all over the world and from his own life as well. I will not go more deep into his ideas, as our blog is not about philosophy. In any case, his works are definitely a significant event in modern social discourse. Nevertheless I would not popularize himself and his works; I strongly believe that every person can make a personal decision for him/her-self. The point is that Gothenburg is always full of surprises and can not only entertain a very demanding person, but also gives a food for thoughts for short and light summer nights! Keep your eyes open and you will definitely find something that suits you!

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