Spring ceremony. Graduation.

Yesterday the hall of so called main building of the University of Gothenburg was full of fine-dressed and very happy students (or should I put it as newly graduates) from the IT faculty. I was one of them, and I certainly overwhelmed with impressions..

As many of have noticed the last two month my activity in the blog decreased significantly. And it was a good excuse – I devoted all my time and energy to writing my research graduation project. It was plenty of work, analysis, writing and editing. If I may give a piece of advice for future students at the University – start working on your thesis as soon as possible. I don’t mean that you should finish your paper three months in advance – but just decide your topic, start revise literature on the topic of your interest, look for supervisor, design your research. And when time will come – you will still have a room for some changes and improvements.

DSCN6488But for now the paper is submitted and I graduation ceremony passed yesterday. Surely, I cannot miss this chance to share my impressions with you, our readers. I’m sure one day your dreams to study at the University of Gothenburg will come true and you will be among those glad graduates sitting in the gorgeous Vasa Aulan at the Main building of the University and with sinking heart waiting when your name will be pronounced and you will be invited to receive your graduation documents.

It was one of the most touching moments in the whole study period. And the happiest thing is that I was able to share it with these lovely course-mates with whom I went through each and every day these two years. There was hard studies, crazy parties, thousands of smiles, sometimes there was tears.. But we were together, and I always knew that my back will be covered. We helped each other, supported.. And it is something that no one can take from us. We will keep it in our memory for many many years!

It was great to see how many parents, relatives and friends from all over the world come for the ceremony. Parents were so proud! And they have a lot of reasons for that!

From the bottom of my heart I would like to say GREAT thanks to all my course-mates! Yes, we did it! And we did it together!

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