Social intervention in HDK

On the last week of school, we had an exciting workshop, which is about to subvert our art building and explore its possibilities through disturbances, dissonances and performance.

This is a short two hours exercise aiming at detecting subversive intimations, perceiving our everyday spaces in another way and making out the possibilities in subversive re-readings.Through creating something unexpected and abnormal, we were addressing: There’s Something Queer Here!

Here are some of the funny examples that we created!

Our group invited everyone (24 students, two teachers, three artists) to the handicapped toilet (approximately 5m*2) for a temporary exhibition show. Here we served them food and napkins. There are also some improvised art pieces hanging on the wall, claiming to be created by our two teachers (they didn’t know it until we let them to explain all the art pieces). In this way, we successfully challenged and embarrassed the power class, which is of course, the teachers. Meanwhile, we also provided everyone with a most unforgettable as well as comfortable exhibition environment.

Another group decorated the elevator into a party arena. They invited six people at one time to be in an even narrow space with music and movement. The elevator as well as the decoration lasts several days. Every time I step into the elevator with somebody else, as soon as I started to explain, we both laugh and shout, enjoying the happy time and movement.

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